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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Just a Sunday... but everything is practically closed...

Yongsan station

Interesting walk way

We decided to visit Yongsan-Gu (translates to "Dragon Hill") for electronics. This district is located North of the Han River. Yongsan is known for its large Electronics Market as well as the Haebangchong, and Itaewon districts.

Where we going?

We took the Cheongjeongro Station to Yongsan Electric Market. Unfortunately as we found out many places in Korea are closed and the electronics market didn't have many stores open.

We decided to head back to the city and made the brave decision to walk across the Han River. It actually turned out to be a nice walk but the sun was blazing hot!

The Han River is less than a mile wide but in the high noon sun it felt like we were walking on a never ending treadmill. We made it to the other side but beware of the mosquitoes! We highly recommend you either bring mosquito repellent or buy some at a Yakguk 약국 aka Yak or Pharmacy. Korea does not sell DEET.

After our lovely toasty stroll we entered Yeouido district. This district is Seoul's main banking and financing district next to the Han River. It was way past our lunch time so we went to find our first real meal in Korea. Russell was on the look out for some of his favorite foods, and we came upon a restaurant that was serving one of them. Jae-yook bo-kum (제육볶음) spicy pork stir fry was found and we sat down and had a very satisfying meal.

Delicious late lunch in Yeouido

The best way to eat korean bbq

After our lunch we took the train to Stadium Park to see the CBHK hockey matches, but realized we were at the wrong "olympic stadiums". It's been 5 years and forgot that they were played in Jamsil olympic stadium (not "park"), which isn't too far away so we caught a cab.

There we got to see the olympic tower that I had climbed 5 years prior. The Olympic tower was were the flame from the torch was lit.

Zack got to ref the final games of the night. When the sunset these bugs rained down on us (most likely mayflies), Sam got bitten up by mosquitoes (there are plenty in Korea). Then we went home and slept. The exhaustion was on overload.

Sam's hangeul was improving quickly.

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