Traditional Sightseeing, Korea

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Where modern meets historical, enter Insa-dong.

Seoul does have palaces, but this district has royal residents for tourists and locals alike to indulge in.

Insa-dong (인사동) is a dong, or neighborhood, located in the center of the city.

Beginning at the Royal residence like UnHyeongGung (운현궁) Palace and its aged beauty, we traveled through Insa-dong's market street and to the Korean Folk Museum.

The folk Museum has views that were simply beautiful.

While in this area, feel free to visit the MOMA museum. We continued to walk up into Jongno-gu and Gahoe-dong, and then into Anguk-dong. Here we saw a mixture of modern pop culture and art. Don't be afraid to venture into the alleys where you may find stairs leading up to a beautiful view over this artistic section of Seoul. Remember to keep the noise level down since this area is also home to many locals (and you'll see warning signs about it, as well).

After our trek, we went to Itaewon for some food: JaeyookBoggum (pork stir-fry) and Kimchi Jiggae (stew), which was delicious as always.

We wanted to get some work done so we decided to grab a ₩5000 coffee and work in the cafe. The coffee shop we found had a "no study" "no notebook" policy, which we noticed after we had already purchased a coffee (oops). But really, no study???

A little while later, we met Zack and Lindsey in Itaewon for wings at Route 66. Tuesdays at Route 66 are wing nights, the wings are half off with the purchase of a drink (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic). ₩900 reduced to ₩450 for the chicken, and the drinks range around ₩300 for soda, and ₩350 and up for beer and other alcoholic beverages. There are both boneless and bone in wings. English is spoken here so ordering is no problem. The atmosphere, as you'd find in much of Itaewon, was very festive and upbeat in nature. Oh, and we recommend trying the volcano ranch seasoning with boneless chicken if you enjoy a spicy flavor!

So excited for chicken couldn't keep the camera still °∆°. Chicken is expensive in Korea, especially Korean fried chicken. We didn't get the opportunity to try any, the price ranges from around ₩19,000 to ₩22,000.

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