Metapolis (Dongtan, Hwaseong), and Byeongjeom

Metapolis adventure day!

In 2011, Russ taught in Korea for a year down in Gyeonggi-do Province, south of Seoul. This location is a little out of the way from the big city in Seoul, but there is still some life here. Dongtan, specifically, is much of a "young family" type of city. The fathers are mostly businessmen, usually well off, but busy, and the mothers are younger and tend to get much of their time with their children.

Metapolis is a high-end, luxury mall that built with family in mind. It is situated at the center of Dongtan (town), with a park nearby. The next largest town is Byeongjeom, where it is a lot more down-to-earth.

We were able to meet up with one of Russ's friends and co-teacher, MJ. Being a busy mom herself, she was able to take time out to meet up with us. Little did we know, she would treat us to an amazing buffet.

A funny story: when Russ was teaching here years back, MJ and him were chilling at a bar talkin' story. Russ decided to try some of the side snacks there, one which MJ recommended. At first they tasted like potatoes, but had a strange appearance and odor to them. When MJ described them as "pupa", it took a few seconds to register in Russ' mind, then panic set in and a few mugs of beer were downed very quickly... beondegi... boiled/steamed silkworm pupa... try it if you're in the area.

To get to Dongtan Metapolis, the fastest way is via express bus otherwise known as the M-bus. There is a train that does go to Byeongjeom and Seo-Dongtan, but they don't arrive near Metapolis.

The M-4108 and M-4403 arrive right in front of Metapolis.

Not only is the bus quicker, but it is also a lot more comfortable.

On our way to Metapolis, Dongtan

The express bus is the best way!


Buffet with MJ

At Metapolis, MJ treated us to buffet. Since MJ is Russ' "Nuna", lunch was on her. Thank you, MJ!

Buffet was wonderful. It was a mix of western food and plenty of delicious Korean dishes.

Byongjeom and Sundubu!

You can't go to Byeongjeom (병점) and not have the amazing Sundubu at BukChon Sundubu북촌순두부.

Sundubu-jjigae (순두부찌개) or soft tofu stew is made with freshly curdled soft tofu, vegetables, and whatever else you want in it. From seafood to pork, beef tends to taste the best. Otherwise, just tofu is good enough.

Back when Russ taught in Korea, he went to this sundubu restaurant often after going to Ahssen Gym, which is located in the same building. Sundubu is not only delicious, but highly nutritious. They even serve a complementary grilled fish (samsan) on the side, and give you a raw egg to crack into the still boiling stew. Yum!!!

Also, unlike most of downtown Seoul, this restaurant allows you to share one dish, instead of making you buy two! :D We were very stuffed after sharing just a bowl, but then again, we just came from an amazing buffet lunch.

Even after five years, this sundubu is still Russ' favorite in Korea. And now Sam's, too!

On our way back to Seoul from Byeongjeom Station

On our way back to Seoul~!

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