Thap Ba Spa, Take a Dip In Mud Baths

Updated: Jan 21

Nha Trang, Vietnam is known for therapeutic mud baths. We highly recommend spending at least half a day at the mud baths. There are a few options to choose from, we decided to visit Tháp Bà Spa because it was the most affordable option, had good reviews and is the oldest facility. Other popular mud baths are iResort, and 100 eggs.

Thap Ba Spa

Located in Ngọc Hiệp, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.

Open daily from 7am - 7pm Monday through Sunday.

There are multiple ways to get to the spa: taxi, xe om (moped taxi), public transportation or a shuttle from your hotel.

From what we researched taxi runs about 100,000 to 120,000 dong ($4-5 USD) per trip. The hotel shuttle is 30,000dong ($1.30)per person per trip. We booked the shuttle through our hotel and paid for the shuttle service at the office next to thap ba spa when arrived. The total price came to 120,000dong ($5.19) for two people. The lady who ran the front desk at our hotel said it was going to be 30,000 going to the spa and 50,000 returning, which was questionable. And on top of that she wanted to collect the payment herself. We politely declined and told her we would pay the shuttle service in person. Use caution with any place in Vietnam including your hotel.

The shuttle place
The shuttle office next to Thap Ba Spa

Upon arriving at the shuttle office you will receive a return ticket and be given a choice for your preferred departure time. We got there about 930am and chose a departure time of either 130pm or 230pm, which turned out to be just the right amount of time to spend at the spa for us.

Waiting in the shuttle office with other thap ba spa visitors
Shuttle return ticket with our departure times chosen
Shuttle company information on the ticket
Sign at the shuttle office
Inside the shuttle office

The spa is about a minute walk away from the shuttle office. After finishing at the shuttle office we made our way to the spa entrance and were greeted by workers at the reception area with a smile. Their English is quite good and choosing a spa package was easy. As budget travelers we opted for the cheapest package which cost 180,000 dong (~$7.78). The most affordable package included a public/shared mud bath soak (20mins), hot mineral soak (30mins) and unlimited time at the pool/waterfall area.

Thap Ba Spa

Making your way around the spa is straightforward, there are signs and staff to assist you. Although the well versed staff in the front almost seems like a facade, because most of the staff in the back spa area don't understand English.

Inside Thap Ba Spa

Towel rentals are 10,000 ($0.43) dong each and there's a 20,000 dong ($0.86) deposit for locker rentals. The locker system uses a padlock and key, nothing too fancy. We recommend keeping your towels in your locker to use after soaking in the mud and minerals. We encountered a small hiccup with our towels after an employee took two of them from us to hang up while we showered off before entering the mud bath and one of the towels went missing. We had to retrieve the lost towel ourselves at the locker counter. After our 20 minute cool, kind of weird and slimy, yet therapeutic mud bath we sat on the side of the showers to dry. Unfortunately the weather was overcast and we didn't get the chance to fully dry our muddy bodies. We showered the mud off, which wasn't too difficult of a process, just make sure to get all the nooks and crannies.

Lockers to store your belongings
Informational poster and spa rules
The view from our mud soak tub with fellow travelers
Enjoying the mud tub

After rinsing at the showers your spa adventure continues with a walk through a hot water mineral jet spray, fair warning the jets are quite strong. After scooting our way through the jets it was time to soak in a hot water mineral bath for 30 minutes. This bath you will also have to share with other people. After the rejuvenating soak the pool area was our final destination, with warm water pools and massage waterfalls. The spa serves drinks and food pool side, the food's a bit expensive, but grab a beer! The beer tastes so good after that hot mineral soak.

Hot mineral jet spray
30 minute mineral water soak

Massage waterfalls

After we were thoroughly relaxed and soaked we gathered our belongings from the locker and went for a final shower at a small building where you can also change back into your clothes. We checked out and got our deposit back by returning the towel, lock and key. We made it back to the shuttle office with more than enough time to spare. The ticket was checked and we waited around until the next shuttle was ready to depart. Upon departing the ticket was collected and after the short twenty minute ride we were back at the hotel. Thap Ba Spa was definitely a nice change of pace, we were able to relax and rejuvenate our traveling spirits!

Towel/locker counter