Ocean World (Vivaldi Park)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Fun times at Ocean World (Vivaldi Park)

If you're in Seoul and enjoy water parks, consider Vivaldi Park Ocean World. We gratefully accepted an invitation from one of our friends to this extravagant excursion to the outskirts of Seoul. Just east of the city, Vivaldi Resort opens the entire water park for the summer months and Ski World during the winter months.

Website for ticket: FuntasticKorea.com

Website for water park: daemyungresort.com/

Fee Information for water park: ticket & rental prices

Operating Hour - 07:00 ~ 23:00 (Resort open year-round): Check what water park rides will be open

A quick web search can get you to the information needed.

Reserve a shuttle ahead of time. This information can be found in the website for the ticket (funtastickorea.com). You'll most likely catch the bus from the CALT Samseong station in Gangnam or the stop by MyeongDong. When you reserve your shuttle, you'll receive an email with all of the instructions. The bus trip takes a few hours so bring some food and beverages along.

When arriving, be sure to note your shuttle's license plate number, there will be many shuttles parked there. You'll present your electronic ticket to the ticket booth. After you pass the entrance and screening area, you'll remove your shoes.

Here is where it can get a little tricky. Go straight towards the cashier counter and purchase a wristband.

When our group first got there we put our shoes away, then went to the lockers, out through the rinse, to the indoor pools, out to the outdoor area, to a ride, then were told we can't come on without life jackets…

We all went back to get life jackets, which were 6,000Won (~$6) per person for the day. Don't forget to bring your baseball cap, or swim cap, because they require the throughout Korea's pools and water parks. No clue why, as strange as it is, that is how Korea does it.

Back to the life jackets. So, being the reality that the majority of Koreans literally cannot swim, life jackets are required in their theme parks, or any place with puddles deep enough to down in when laying face down.

When we got to the life jacket stand we were told that we would need to pay with "the wrist bands (coin band)"... which we thought were the initial locker wristbands we received at the beginning. We have one for the shoe locker, the one for our larger locker, and the third band we didn't know about, since we weren't directed anywhere at the entrance.

We all had to go back up into the locker rooms to fetch enough money for the "coin band", then backtrack to the entrance to get the coin band, then put our money away in the locker, and then back out to get purchase the life jacket rental. Due note, the coin band is used throughout the park for food and drinks, as well. The coin band is directly across from the entrance, so make sure to get one before heading to the park from the locker room!

The park is still fun. Though it can get a bit chilly after September begins, which is why it is considered "low season" (though it still gets a bit crowded). Going with a group of friends makes it that much better. You can let loose and have a great time while being a midst strangers who are looking for that very same thing.

A lot of this can be experienced at the lazy river. We initially went on the "lighter" one in the beginning, and then to the "Adult size" one later on in the afternoon. The adult/larger wave pool has certain hours throughout the day designated to the intensity of the waves, so be sure to go their as soon as possible to see when the highest (or lowest) hours are presented.

The lines can get quite long even during non-peak/low seasons. They can get anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes, and sometimes even 2-hours/120 minutes.

Wearing our baseball caps and lifejackets, hehe.

Before getting on the rides the staff have you take off your life jacket and baseball cap. Which doesn't make sense but we just followed their instructions. We were able to ride a few rides and spend some time in both lazy rivers by the time the park was closing. You can easily spend a whole day here, as there are also foods for to purchase. The food and beverages are understandably more expensive since it is inside the water park, but that is your only option, there is no outside food allowed (they will check your bags!)

The end of the day concluded in the locker rooms. Expect a lot of naked people in the locker room at the end of the day. There are showers downstairs to use that have shampoo and soap available. There are also plastic bags on the for you to put your wet bathing suit into. Everyone showered and met outside before grabbing our shoes and getting on the shuttle.

Much needed naps were taken on the couple hour ride back to the city. The sunset from the bus was beautiful and left us in the dark, street lights came on and we got back in time for a good dinner. We were starved and took bradda Zack's advice on a good all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant.

Gangnam’s all-you-can-eat meat BBQ buffet. This was a delicious treat only costing us $19/person. A price worthwhile for our first buffet of this journey.

With a day’s full of sun and chlorine, we went back to our accommodation feeling fulfilled, and full of meat.

The crazy sunset on the way back.

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