Mister Donut

Updated: Jan 21

Mister Donut in Toyonaka, Japan

Located in various parts of Asia, these doughnuts are one of our favorite treats! Whenever we come across this store we find ourselves having to leave with a few (or several) donuts. Our favorite style is Pon de Ring, pictured below with sprinkles. Mister Donut is the most wide spread doughnut chain in Japan (ミスタードーナツ pronounced Misu-tah Dounatsu).

Sneaking peaks at the donut while russ naps

A little bit of donut history

In 1955 two step-brothers, Harry Winouker and Bill Rosenberg, broke their business partnership and went on their own business ventures. Harry went on to found Mister Donut in the United States, while Bill founded Dunkin Donuts, also in the US. Mr. Winouker started his coffee and doughnut business on the streets of Boston, Mass. As business boomed Mister Donut's coffee was given the title "best coffee in the world" and Mr. Donut quickly became a retail store in downtown Boston, baking more than 35 different types of doughnuts. Due to the high demand and popularity, Mr. Winouker decided to go into franchising, resulting in 275 stores being opened in the US and Canada. In 1970 the Minneapolis international company Multifoods acquired Mister Donut and his franchising practices, which caused the company to soar.

Picking up Mister Donut in Bangkok, Thailand!