Poi Pet - Aranyaprathet land border crossing

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Bus snacks!

Krong Poi Pet - Aranyaprathet is the land border crossing between Cambodia and Thailand.

Our commute started in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Before buying our tickets we researched the different companies and modes of transportation. We chose the Nattakan bus company, due to their positive reviews and they were the first bus company to obtain a license to operate between Cambodia and Thailand in 2012. One ticket costs $28.00, which can be bought online.

Prepare yourself for this land border crossing because it will take all day! The Nattakan bus leaves Siem Reap at 08:00am and 09:00am from their bus office and arrives in Bangkok about 8-9 hours later.

We recommend bringing sustenance and water, the bus company provides a small snack and bottle of water, but there's no time for a lunch break.


On our departure date we walked to the bus office in Siem Reap and checked in with the staff. The ride to the border took about two and a half hours. Before we arrived the bus attendant gave us lanyards to wear (so no one gets lost), and talked us through the border process and where to meet the bus after we were done.

This land border crossing has a lot of foot traffic, so make sure to stick with the members of your bus.

This is the office to get the 'stamp out' of Camobdia

There's an open air Cambodian immigration office to get your stamp out, it's a short wait in line. From the office, walk back to the main road and straight towards the border. The Thai immigration office will come into view after a few minutes of walking. The immigration building is quite large, but all you need to do is fill out a form and head up the stairs to get your stamp in. For US citizens with a passport (of at least 6 months validity), and staying 30 days in Thailand there is no Visa required. On the US embassy website it also states travelers will have to possess an onward or return airline ticket. We did not have a ticket, but the staff didn't ask us about it at all.

Cartloads of luggage we saw. Our bus company kept our luggage on the bus.
Crossing the border on foot after getting the stamp out of Cambodia
We will be back Cambodia!
The white building with the red roof is the building to get the stamp into Thailand

After the stamp into Thailand, it's another short walk to the parking lot where the buses and shuttles are parked. Follow the exit signs to get out of the immigration center. After exiting the border crossing we almost walked straight pass the bus, but the bus attendant was there to stop us from walking away into no man's land.

Exiting the Thai immigration center
There are hotels and casinos at this border crossing

It was early afternoon when all the passengers were back on the bus. The trip from Aranyaprathet to Bangkok took longer than we expected because the traffic in Bangkok is crazy! After about five more hours of being on the bus we were happy to finally arrive at the bus terminal. But that joy soon faded the more we walked around trying to find a way into the heart of the city. The cab drivers were asking us to pay way too much, $30-40! Plus the only atm machine at the convenience store was broken. We ended up calling an Uber and splitting the price with a fellow traveler (cheaper than the cabs).

For your first free Uber ride use our code samm47665ue! In addition to Uber, Lyft is available in southeast Asia (car and moped ride sharing).

Mo Chit bus station in Thailand
Hello Thailand

Overall the border crossing was simple and painless. Stay hydrated and bring snacks!

Where we stayed : SS Hotel Bangkok

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