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Updated: Jan 21

Travel photography from our week in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our stay for the week in Bangkok

SS Hotel Bangkok, Thailand : Affordable, AC, Wi-Fi, free daily breakfast and a secure check in area.

First meal in Thailand!

Beer of choice, of course.

Leaving the hotel to explore the city.

Famous Khao San Rd.

One downside to Bangkok was the pollution.

More pictures of Khao San Rd. A very "touristy" area of Bangkok.

Next stop, lunch!

Delicious food at Aaeesah Roddee

There's always a convenience store in case of emergencies.

Cute bird!

Waiting to cross the street

Beauitful royal funeral pyre

Built to represent Mount Meru

More than 500 sculptures were created


The artwork at the crematorium was beautiful

Ministry of defense, Bangkok

Sign at Wat Pho

Wat Pho, see the giant reclining buddha

Inside Wat Pho

Huge reclining buddha

Architecture at Wat Pho

Explore the court yards at this temple

Street food we passed by every day

Rolled noodles in China Town

China town in Bangkok

Bangkok or Other Places

Walking faster than the Bangkok traffic

Soi Cowboy at night

Khao San Road at night

This restaurant is a must try

One of our favorite places to eat dinner, Jok Pochana

Food vendors at Chatuchak Market

Crispy pork skin

Fee to pee

Delicious treats before leaving Bangkok

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