Film Roll: North Shore, Oahu - October 2018

Updated: Jan 21

It's been over 10 years since I had last seen my friend from University in Japan. She came to visit, so Sam and I made a special trip up to the north shore to show her around.

Dole Plantation

Entrance to the famous Dole Plantation Maze

Pineapple Garden Maze (World's Largest Maze 2008)

4-legged chicken in the maze!

Hen with her chick

Beautiful flora

Various flora color the area

Beautiful tropical plants

See more fish eye photos here!

Pineapple Express Train Tour (That is the legitimate name, we promise)

Pineapple buddies

Pineapple growing

Chili Verde extra spicy - Cholo's Homestyle Mexican, Haleiwa

Look who hitched a ride...

Haleiwa shopping

Cute feathered friend on a bench

Matsumoto's Shave Ice, Haleiwa

Wings - Colette Miller, 2013

Pipeline, Oahu

Pipeline a.k.a. Bonzai Beach a.k.a. "Pipes"

The waters of North Shore, Oahu

Pipeline/Backdoor (cherry surf spots), Oahu

Mahalo to our friend for visiting Hawaii all the way from the UK!

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