Lens Review : Meike Fish Eye Lens

Updated: Jan 21

Camera inception

For my birthday this year Russ bought me a Meike fish eye lens!

I absolutely love this lens!

Grabbing a burger


  • Fun

  • Unique pictures

  • High quality glass

  • Great image quality

  • Manual focus, manual aperture

  • Well-made, solid build

  • Cool videos


  • Fish eye might not be for everybody

  • Video quality mediocre

  • Manual focus, manual aperture

  • No hood attachment

  • Lens requires extra care handling (always have lens cover on)

  • No filter attachments available

Boba tea at SALT Kaka'ako

The lens is manufactured in China, but so far it has been exceeding our expectations!

Pretty flowers

Beach fish eye

Get yourself a fish eye lens too!

Update: Unfortunately the Meike Fish Eye Lens wasn't made as well as we thought. We ended up returning the fish eye lens twice due to the focus ring breaking. It might have been just out luck and we received defective lenses, but now we urge you purchase this product with a side of caution. The photos turn out great, a very unique perspective to the world. A better fish eye lens for purchase is being researched, this is one type of lens you really must try for yourself!

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