Cooking Class in Hoi An, Vietnam

Updated: Jan 21

Cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam

The flavors encountered abroad are highlights of a journey. What better way to bring those flavors home than to learn from the origin? Cooking classes are probably the most useful art courses one can experience.

Vietnamese cuisine had impressed us so much that we wanted to be able to cook some of our favorite dishes back home. Just our luck, our next destination had cooking classes!

We booked the morning tour online with a small, local business called the Hoi An Eco Cooking Class.

There are two times/packages available: The morning tour, which includes transportation to and from your hotel/guesthouse, a trip to the market (not included in the afternoon package), a coconut boat ride through the river, and the cooking class.

Only available for the morning class, our first stop was a fresh food market. Here the guide taught us about the various ingredients, from meats to spices, used in Vietnamese cuisine.

The market entrance sign
Nhộng (silkworm pupa)
Very fresh meat at the market

After the market tour, we were shuttled to the cooking class.

To the cooking class!

Before cooking, all the guests took a quick coconut boat ride with a short crab fishing lesson.

The boat ride was a bit short, but fun overall!
We are in a coconut boat!

On the menu for cooking class

Fresh spring rolls

Grilled aubergine (eggplant) with soya sauce

Phở bò (Beef Noodle)

Banana flower salad

Crispy Pancake (Bánh Xèo)

Sweet and sour fish sauce

Frying up the crispy tumeric pancake
Skinning the eggplant after roasting
The phở bò was more of a demonstration, but we still got to eat a bowl of it at the end of class!
Cooking in Vietnam!
The best part of the class, eating what you cooked!

We enjoyed this cooking class and gained a handful of new recipes to try back home!

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