Day trip to Moloka'i

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Propeller plane.

Early flight from HNL (Oahu) to MKK (Moloka'i).

Landing in Moloka'i!

The flight from Oahu to Moloka'i is a relatively short one, 25 minutes later we were on 'The Friendly Isle', Moloka'i!

Car rental?

Try Alamo, the only big car rental company on the isle. It's just a few minutes walk from the airport too. We highly recommend renting a car online before flying in! There are only a few locally run car rentals that were sold out of cars when we tried booking with them.

And don't forget the only two gas stations on the island are located in "town", Kaunakakai.

Where did we go?

Kaunakakai Harbor

Kaunakakai Harbor provides the people with the majority of their resources. Whatever is not flown in is shipped through this harbor.

The harbor is accessible via a long path surrounded by beautiful waters filled with various tropical fish and marine life. Fishing is allowed on the pier but not by the newly built boat ramp. ALWAYS check with authorities (if none, defaults to the locals) before fishing or if you have any questions.

Beautiful harbor!

New boat ramp.

Huge fish!

Kaunakakai (the main town)

Take a step back into the 1900s by walking around this paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) town. The town resides along Ala Malama Ave, named after King Kamehameha's home that was nearby back in the 1860s. There are small locally-run shops, boutiques and eateries to enjoy. Don't forget to visit the Saturday outdoor market.

Fresh fruit for sale!

Cacti in the town.

Charming town.

Must eat in Kaunakakai

Kanemitsu Bakery Hot Bread (open since 1922)

79 Ala Malama Ave, Kaunakakai, HI

5:30am -05:00pm, closed Tuesdays

The bakery is open during the day, but the hot bread can only be purchased at night, 8pm. Walk the alley way behind the building off Hotel Ln to find the window to hot bread goodness.

We were unable to sample fresh Moloka'i hot bread, but luckily you can try the famous bread on Oahu too! Check out their social media accounts to find out where their food truck will be.

Say hello to a very delicious cup of coffee.

Coffees of Hawai'i Estate & Farm

1630 Farrington Ave, Kualapuu, HI 96757

07:00am -04:00pm, Closed Mondays

The only source for 100% Moloka'i grown coffee. The tasting room was closed for renovation when we visited in November, but there were some canisters of freshly brewed coffee in the main room. We purchased a cup of the muleskinner coffee and bought a bag of the estate coffee for home (the coffee is really good!). Local music is played weekly, check the store for the times.

Freshly brewed coffee for purchase.

Bought some whole bean coffee to take back with us!

Huge lanai!

Kualapu'u Cookhouse

102 Farrington Ave, Kualapuu, HI 96757

Monday 07:00pm -02:00pm, Tues - Sat 07:00am - 08:00pm, Sunday 09:00am -02:00pm

The sign outside the restaurant.

THE cookhouse

Awesome rustic interior.

THE cookhouse in Moloka'i. Kualapu'u serves local style food with a slight southern twist. We were only there for the day so we could only order lunch, but unfortunately, we'll fly back before dinner. :(

Lunch time!

For lunch we had the mahi mahi sandwich and the country fried chicken. Both dishes were fresh and tasty, and we will definitely be back to try their amazing dinner menu.

Halawa Valley Beach Park

Beautiful Halawa valley.


Halawa Beach Park is located in the lush Halawa Valley on the eastern side of Moloka'i. The beach park is made up of two beaches, Kama'alaea Beach to the west and Kawili Beach to the east. Mountain water is fed into the ocean from Halawa River. In the winter when the surf is up, you can watch the surfers.

Waterfall in the distance!

Don't forget to stop at the lookout before the beach park! A beautiful panoramic view of the mountains and Mooula Falls in the distance. To get to the waterfall you need to hire a guide, all the land from the falls to Halawa Beach Park is privately owned.

Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove

30 Mauna Loa Hwy, Kaunakakai, HI 96748

So many coconut trees.

Currently not open to the public, but still a wonderful view, especially during the sunset. Kapuaiwa is one of the oldest coconut groves in Hawai'i. The first coconuts were planted here in the 1860s by King Kamehameha V. The grove once spanned 10 acres, but now there are only a few hundred trees left. There is an old military bunker at the edge of the grove, a relic from WWII.

Mana'e Goods & Grindz

8615 Kamehameha V Hwy, Kaunakakai, HI 96748

Mon-Fri 06:30am - 04:00pm, Sat - Sun 07:30 - 04:30pm

Where to get the grub.

Huge lauhala tree to dine under.

Kim chee pork, yummy!

Local kine grindz, delicious.

Saying good-bye! A hui hou Moloka'i.

Entrance to the Moloka'i airport

Baggage claim, at first we thought it was a bench.

Inside the airport.

More photos from around Moloka'i!

The highway to Halawa Valley

Local surf spot

Market center in Kaunakakai

Moloka'i is a real getaway destination.

Beaches with hardly any people.

Love the fish eye photography, we used the Meike 6.5mm f/2.0 to take them!

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