Speakeasy in Kailua Town

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Kailua Town evening
Kailua town in the late evening.

Historically known for their concealment, a speakeasy was an illicit hidden establishment, typically a bar, nightclub, or saloon, that provided libations to patrons seeking a comfortable and secure atmosphere during the alcohol prohibition of the United States. Today, these bars are still hidden away in cities across the US, accessible through the same social means without fear of the law, of course.

Kailua Town Pub and Grill at dusk

The entrance to the pub.

In Oahu's Kailua Town, such a place exists that we'd like to share with our closest friends, our readers. Hidden at the back of the Kailua Town Pub and Grill is a telephone booth, but no ordinary telephone booth. Here you'd give a password (or your names of reservation) and you'll be allowed entrance to the backroom that situates a handful of parties and an extravagant bar. Thursday through Sunday your ears will be treated to a live jazz music with varying saxophones.

Telephone door to Gaslamp

Gaslamps illuminate the bar.


Escape the daily grind of Oahu by grabbing a drink at this alluring new speakeasy on the windward side. Located in the Kailua Town Pub & Grill, behind the telephone booth doors in the back.

Odd Job & Exotic Love Affair

The cocktail selection is creative and delicious. Our drink choices for the night were the Odd Job and Exotic Love Affair. We finished the night with Friends With Benefits.

Friends With Benefits

Dressing classy, pinkies up.

Vintage decorations

Great ambiance.

Half meat and cheese board

Delicious food.

Another visit with friends. Pictured : Exotic Love Affair


26 Hoolai St. Kailua, HI 96734

Wednesday - Sunday 06:00pm - Late

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