Local Hawaii Treats, a comprehensive gift list

Updated: Jan 26

Tried and true favorites of Hawaii, give these unique gifts to your friends and family. A list of treats loved by locals compiled by locals.

The Original Maui CookKwees, (Macademia nut)

Cook Kwees, delicious Macademia nut cookies freshly baked on the island of Maui. A local favorite for any occasion! Kook Kwees also available in coffee Macademia nut flavor and shortbread.

Hawaiian Hurricane Microwave Popcorn

A childhood favorite loved by adults and kids created in Kaneohe, at the base of the koolau mountains on the island of Oahu! We grew up eating this delicious combination of microwave gourmet popcorn of rice crackers (arare), nori/furikake(seaweed), and buttery topping. This popcorn can be quite addicting and the company now offers different flavors: li hing mui, sour cream and chives, and kimchee.

Hawaiian Host, Chocolate and Macadamia Nuts

One of Hawai'i's most famous chocolate treats your friends and ohana will love receiving! Hawaiian Host's three popular ways to eat chocolate and Macadamia nuts: Maui Caramacs, AlohaMacs Milk Chocolate Covered Macadamias, and MacNut Crunch. Another favorite of ours is the dark chocolate covered mac nuts, decadent.

Enjoy Hawaii Premium Sweet Li Hing Mui Dried Plums

A salty and sweet treat from Hawai'i. Crack seed is a snack that originated in China and was brought over to Hawaii by Cantonese plantation workers, and has become very popular. Crack seed is preserved fruit that have had their seeds cracked open to enhance the flavor. There are a variety of flavor combinations ranging from sour to sweet. Some popular additions to plums, include: seedless li hing cherry, lemon peel and li hing dried mango. Crack seed is not only limited to fruits, stores also sell other snacks including gummies and dried seafood (cuttlefish is a favorite).

Diamond Bakery, baked goods

Diamond Bakery was established in 1921 on the island of Oahu by three Japanese immigrants, Hidegoro Murai, Kikutaro Hiruya and Natsu Muramoto, whom shared a similar love of baking and had a goal to make Hawaii's best cracker. Through hard work and dedication Diamond Bakery was successful in making wonderful crackers and cookies and have since become a household name and staple, creating a sense of nostalgia for locals. Well-known products include: Animal Cookies, Graham, Saloon Pilot, Soda Crackers, and Salty. The bakery continues to innovate and produce new products like their shortbread cookie with flavors like Kona Coffee and Pineapple!

Kauai Kookie

Try these famous cookies created on the island of Kauai in 1965 by Mabel Hashisaka. Originally created as a treat to serve at her father's family business, this company expanded and now bake over 50,000 cookies and include other products like marinades and dressings. This business is still family owned and continues to innovate and provide excellent products and customer service. There are a variety of flavors: guava, chocolate chip, kona coffee, or try them all with a variety pack! One of Sam's favorite snacks from Kauai Kookie is their cinnamon toasts!

Ono Hawaiian Seasoning

Ono in Hawaiian means delicious, which is what this seasoning is! This seasoning is great for seafood, meats, poultry and soups. Contains salt, cracked pepper, ginger and garlic, no msg. And of course it's made in Hawaii. If you love spicy their check out their spicy version.

Hawaii's Best, Hawaiian Butter Mochi Mix

If you want a real treat, you must try these mixes! Butter mochi is so delicious, and being able to make it at home with an easy mix is winning. Hawaii's best has a variety of other delectable mixes that choosing one can be difficult. In addition to butter mochi, we also would recommend butter mochi brownie mix and haupia squares. These mixes are legit and taste homemade!

Hawaiian Sun Drinks

The drinks every local grew up on, and at almost every special occasion. Hawaiian Sun makes delicious tropical fruit drinks, preserves, syrups and chocolate covered macadamia nuts, all made in Hawaii since 1952. For a more convenient gift these drinks also come as a powdered drink. Check out their other products too like these ono pancake mixes!

Mauna Loa Roasted Macadamia Nuts

Share this beloved island favorite with that special someone. Mauna Loa Macadamia nuts are crafted with only the highest quality dry-roast method and lightly seasoned with sea salt. Our favorite flavor is maui onion and garlic for savory and honey roasted for sweet. Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts are also a real treat!

Mele Macs Toffee Coated Macadamia Nuts Covered in Milk Chocolate

This is Sam's hands down favorite Macadamia nut treat! These are so good and perfect for a friend or family with a sweet tooth. Caution, they can be a bit addicting. Oother unique treat by Island Princess are their caramel Macadamia nut popcorn, also quite addicting and chocolate covered coffee beans! Want a balance to that sweet, they also offer wasabi flavored mac nuts.

School Kine Cookies

Anyone who's ever attended school in Hawaii know about these infamous buttery cookies! These cookies are normally sold for fundraisers, and for a good reason...they are delicious! Baked fresh with aloha, these cookies are baked the same as Loretta Edmunds and Virginia Sarono did over 30 years ago. These Hawaiian-style cookies have an authentic, delicious flavor that appeals to kids and adults across the country, whether they need an afternoon snack at home, work, or school.

Hawaiian Local Style Furikaka Party Mix

It ain't the holidays if there isn't party mix! This long loved local snack is a must try. Local style tastes homemade which is the best kine of party mix.

Kauai Kookie Handcrafted Cinnamon Toast

Hands down one of the best treats you can get that won't need special shipping. These toasts are so delicious, a two pack may not be enough!

Hawaiian Islands Tea, Tropical Flavored

Great gift for the tea lover in your life. Hawaiian Islands tropical black tea is blended and packaged in Hawaii for optimal freshness. This mango flavored tea is rich in polyphenols (antioxidants) that may promote quality of life. Taste the tropical flavors of Hawaii!

Hawaiian Pa'Akai Inc, Alaea Sea Salt

Traditional Hawaiian Red Salt, used for seasoning meats, fish, and chicken and poke recipes. Also available sea salt.

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