Peppers : Making spicy powder

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

One of the best additions to any kitchen!

One of the easiest ways to use your peppers before they go bad, or storing them away, is to make a simple spicy powder. Any type of pepper can be used, in any combination. Feel free to experiment to create the tastiest or spiciest powder for you to use.

There are many benefits to making your own spicy powder. One of the best benefits is knowing what your powder consists of, some store brands include additives like msg or preservatives. Also, nothing can beat the fresh flavor and heat of peppers straight from the garden! Sometimes spices can sit on store shelves for awhile before being bought, allowing the condiment to lose flavor. Trust us, a small spoonful of fresh chili pepper powder goes a long way! In addition, spicy pepper powder has health benefits, from aiding with digestion to maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Fresh peppers from the backyard garden

Uses for spicy pepper powder?

  • Cooking: Use the powder in main dishes, sides, appetizers, and even drinks/cocktails. Great way to add heat to snacks like nuts or chips. Make the spicy powder into a rub for meats and poultry.

  • Gardening: Natural insecticide, 1.5 teaspoons spicy powder to 1 quart of water. Mix with 2 drops of dish detergent. Make sure to avoid spraying the mix on fruits/edible parts of the plant, but coat the rest of the plant thoroughly.