Senia, a truly unique dining experience

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Nestled in downtown Honolulu, this hidden gem of a restaurant boasts bold, flavorful and innovative cuisine. Chef Chris Kajioka and Chef Anthony Rush collaborate to produce amazing Regional American dishes, a culmination of their years of experience and fresh local produce.

The name Senia is a play on the Greek word “xenia”. Xenia is an ancient Greek concept of hospitality, showing generosity and courtesy to guest who come from afar, an ideology of guest-friendship. This restaurant was created with that that concept in mind, offering a comfortable place for guests to relax, imbibe in well-crafted cocktails, eat delicious foods and just have a great time!

There are three different dining experiences at Senia. The first is dining a la carte (what we did), second is the tasting menu at the chef's counter, and third is the private dining room (upstairs for eight or more people). The chef's counter sits six to twelve people next to the open kitchen, and offers a multi-course tasting menu.

Our cocktails for the evening, The Melissa & The Morgan Alexander. The menu at Senia is always evolving, so don't be surprised if you see an item you wanted to try and it's no longer available.